Marathon tips

For the final countdown and race day itself

Ahead of a marathon isn't the time to try something new, the hard work is done, but these tips should help you reach your target finish time. These tips work before most types of race too:

  1. Stick to your race plan, even if you feel great in the first few miles. Don't think about pushing harder until mile 18 at the earliest. If you still feel fresh at this stage, think about upping your tempo. 
  2. If it's hot on race day, sun stroke can decimate your efforts. So get a hat, MoM recommends this natty little number from Innov-8, and liberally apply sun protection with Riemann's P20 the best of the bunch. All you need do is apply at breakfast and forget about it. 
  3. Vaseline all over the place is a must. Judicial application on your feet, under arms, groin and nipples will halt all kinds of unsavoury ailments on the day. 
  4. Don't hit the jelly babies till the last hour. Simple sugars will give you one final burst but have some too early and a crash may well be your reward.
  5. Eat fairly normally but perhaps with a little more than usual. But going bonkers on pasta the night before won't help a jot. You'll most likely just feel lethargic. More important is to avoid, or at least limit, the following in the last 24 hours: dairy, red meat, fruit juices, apples and pears. 
  6. If you're worried about stomach cramps, Imodium 1hr30 before the race should help. But don't take if cramps haven't been a problem in training. 
  7. Ensure your name is on your shirt. In those last 6 miles personal shouts of encouragement will spur you on to glory. 

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